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Weekly News Roundup #49 This Week In The News Dec 5 – Dec 11, 2021

Last updated on September 5, 2022

Another fine edition of our This Week In The News series. Weekly News Roundup #49 highlights a whopping 71 news articles and stories from the last seven newsworthy days.

Have I mentioned how much I’m enjoying this series? A lot. 😊

I have a wide range of curated content for you this week. Let me tell you.

We have links to stories from all over the map, like China developing a 6,000 MPH missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead five times the speed of sound to a story about Britain’s high court deciding Julian Assange can be extradited to US to face espionage charges.

By the way, I read comments from people wondering why Trump didn’t pardon Assange. He actually did offer Julian Assange a pardon if he would say Russia was not involved in leaking Democratic Party emails. Honestly, he’s lucky the CIA didn’t kill him. It was Trump that first tried to extradite the WikiLeaks founder to US.

This is the country we live in, where a President offers a bribe to a whistleblower to lie, and the same government wants that patriot dead for telling the truth.

Soon to be famous quote by Brian D. Hawkins

I have linked to freedom squashing articles such as New Zealand banning the sale of tobacco to its next generation, in a bid to eventually phase out smoking to the tiny devil himself, Fauci, suggesting families form their own little vaccine mandates during the holidays.

I love science so I’m linking to pages on our Brain is leaking inside to DARPA and NASA Scientists Accidentally Create Warp Bubble For Interstellar Travel.

We have stellar stories from a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to watch a new comet streak through our solar system to how NASA is selective on which UFOs it decides to investigate. Imagine that.

Oh, I can’t leave out LifeHacker’s guide to preparing for a solar flare hitting Earth to the Webb Space Telescope rewriting cosmic history. I’m sorry, but if a solar flare hitting the Earth doesn’t peak you’re interest, you don’t deserve any more Starbucks or Cable TV. Just sayin’.

I wanted to show you hipsters that I’m just as culturally astute as Elon Musk (There are Musk stories as well) so I linked to the world’s largest pot brownie and an article in Forbes showing that the idea weed is a gateway drug was just propaganda by idiots and government cronies, and you just can’t trust people like that.

Seriously, stop believing in these people. Now stay home, put on your face diaper and read the stories I curated for you. Then go get your shot.

Here’s The News Links For Weekly News Roundup #49

Weekly News Roundup #49 Question of the Week

Why did NASA abandon plans for a 6,000mph two-stage X-plane engine technology that could be used as a hypersonic nuke missile capable of switching to a high-speed mode and accelerating to more than five times the speed of sound twenty years ago? Only for China to take that ball and start running with it?

The answer will be in next week’s Weekly News Roundup #50.

Answer to our last question of the week:

Last Week’s Question:  Until Jack Dorsey officially steps down from Twitter, he’s the CEO of both Twitter and Square right now. What’s bigger, Twitter or Square?

Answer: Twitter is worth around $40 billion today. No small number, to be clear, but less than half the value of Square, which has a public-market worth of just over $99 billion.

I hope you got the answer from our linked articles and not by cheating, AKA asking google. LOL

Source: TechCrunch

Thanks for reading, Brian

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