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Weekly News Roundup #50 This Week In The News Dec 12 – Dec 18, 2021

Last updated on September 5, 2022

Another hand-selected list of news articles curated for my readers as determined by what I read this week of December 12th through the 18th. God save your soul.

I guess I have to begin this weekly news roundup with the leader of the National Freedom Haters Federation’s vaccine mandate back on the table, thanks to the freedom-hating court system.

The idiot also announced a ‘Winter of Severe Illness, Death‘ for the unvaccinated. You know, because he believes he’s now a sorcerer now. Did he just put a curse on millions of people that don’t trust the government? I wonder what the spell does? Maybe it makes them likely to catch covid and spread the disease – just like those that took the shots. That would be horrible.

The week wasn’t all bad though. It took a superhero to get them there, but people were back in theaters, spending $50M on previews.

What else? Let’s see, Scientists say a glacier the size of Florida could fall causing the oceans to rise by several feet. That’s fun. Oh, and the CDC isn’t admitting that the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is killing people, but it is leaning toward you not getting that particular injecting.

And the FDA will permanently allow abortion by mail because they can’t figure out how to do it online. They’re thinking maybe the answer lies in blockchain technology, but they can’t get anyone that understands stuff like that to talk to them. Once they get that ironed out, I’m sure the FDA will approve email abortions.

And, of course, we have the famous murderer that beat the system by purchasing a dream team but then still went to jail for being an idiot. Love that karma. Anyway, he’s a free man again. For now. He’ll probably screw that up.

There’s a ton more in the following links, but I want to let you get to it and I have a Prime Rib dinner waiting on me. Enjoy.

Here’s The News Links For Weekly News Roundup #50

Answer to our last question of the week:

Last Week’s Question:  Why did NASA abandon plans for a 6,000mph two-stage X-plane engine technology that could be used as a hypersonic nuke missile capable of switching to a high-speed mode and accelerating to more than five times the speed of sound twenty years ago? Only for China to take that ball and start running with it?

Answer: The Boeing Manta X-47C, a program to test the hypersonic nuke missile design, was killed by the US government in the early 2000s because it was too expensive. You know, because the United States’ government is so frugal with its stolen taxpayer’s money.

I hope you got the answer from our linked articles and not by cheating, AKA asking google. LOL

Source: The US Sun

Thanks for reading, Brian

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