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Weekly News Roundup #51 This Week In The News Dec 19 – Dec 25, 2021

Last updated on September 5, 2022

Weekly News Roundup #51 is the second from the last edition for the year. I have hand-selected 52 news articles and stories from what I’ve read over the last week.

It’s Christmas so Merry Christmas if that’s something that doesn’t trigger you. Even if it does, Merry Christmas. 😉

I took my wife, daughter, and grandson to see the new Spider-Man movie, and then we came home for a decent ham dinner. Real ham, made from meat.

There’s only one more week left in the year, 2021, and, honestly, I’m not entirely sure if I’ll continue with the weekly news roundup series. I may try something new or just drop it entirely.

While I do see a value in curated news links, there is an abundance of places you can find such resources, and I’ve had zero feedback from my readers. That’s not a complaint, I’m just finding it difficult to determine the worth as far as you are concerned. I know the search engines aren’t linking it very much. Anyway, I guess we have another week to worry about it.

What’s In Weekly News Roundup #51?

Sure, I’ve linked to some boring things like Trump, our Commander-In-Tater-Salad, and the Covads, but that’s just me being a responsible blogger. There are more interesting news stories to share as well. Articles such as…

A college education may come at a social and community disadvantage to high lumber prices again.

Wait, I can do better.

The hilarious Trevor Noah sues a NYC hospital for botching up his surgery. There’s also a very good checklist to boost SEO rankings. It’s a year old, but I just read it yesterday and deemed it share-worthy.

Oh, you like that one? Then you’ll love, ‘Grow Your Audience 2021.’ It’s in there.

How about a 34-year-old mom giving birth in a Tesla driving on autopilot? It’s not in my links, but I remember something about Tesla programming the car to not allow video games while driving on autopilot, so maybe they’ll update the computer to strongly recommend pulling over to give birth? Who knows, this stuff is entertaining though.

Fauci says, “We’ll Never Be Rid of COVID” but the gobbledygook that comes out of that man’s piehole has everyone wondering if his pants weren’t on fire. It’s probably a safe bet to say we’ll always have the covads but wasn’t he just saying the end was near? Something like that.

I hate ‘Biden Says‘ stories because, well, the man just had better days. Let’s just put it like that. With that said, Biden said, “Biden: ‘It’s your patriotic duty to get vaccinated this Holiday season.

Biden never served, and I’m not saying that automatically disqualifies him from making a statement about patriotic duties but him being in favor of the wars in Afghanistan, saying, “Whatever it takes, we should do it” and Iraq don’t exactly make him a patriot. Not in my opinion anyway.

Anyone that follows me knows I can go on all night, so I’ll end my commentary with just two more things…

First, more people are buying guns. I LOVE that.

Second, this is one of the most interesting images I’ve seen this week:

Here’s The News Links For Weekly News Roundup #51

Thanks for reading, Brian

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