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What Went Right In 2021?

Last updated on September 5, 2022

We always focus on the negative. I want to change that today. So, in the spirit of things gone right, I have listed, in rapid-fire style, everything I feel actually went right in 2021.

What Went Right In 2021?

Here we go…

First, there was… auh

Well, at least none of the crap is following us into Two Thousand Twenty [part] Two.
[Two Thousand Twenty Too]

See ya on the other side, Brian

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Brian D. Hawkins is a late-blooming thought leader in his mind. So please don't disturb his happy thoughts. It's all he has.

Brian D. Hawkins has been a blogger for over twenty years, having written thousands of public articles on dozens of websites. He currently blogs for and his personal blog at

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