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What’s REALLY Wrong In This World?

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We can point to an endless list of things that are really wrong in this world but in this ultra-short piece, I’m going to give you THE ONE THING that should get your chicken boiling.

Sure, we have record inflation, high energy costs (Putin’s tax hikes), a leader who can’t think beyond pudding time, schools encouraging young children to effectively get sterilized, dudes thinking they can get pregnant, chicks thinking they’re dudes trapped in a woman’s body (As opposed to they have a mental or chemical imbalance), social media canceling free speech, the State canceling our Constitutional Rights, everyone canceling truth, and Disney making everyone queer.

I’ve left a lot out but I don’t want to overwhelm you and I certainly don’t want to water down what’s really wrong in this world.

I can even remember the precise time I first noticed this travesty. The moment The Incredible Hulk spoke. Why did they let The Hulk talk? That destroyed Earth as we know it.

To make it an even bigger insult, it happened right after one of the best Hulk scenes ever.

And for the three people that are bigger geeks than me, don’t tell me about the Hulk talking in the comic books. That doesn’t help – it only makes things worse. And now with the “Smart Hulk”?

I Hate You, Disney.

See ya, Brian

The mouse is in the house. I repeat. The mouse is in the house. 62214

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