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Why The Fight To Suppress The Pelosi Attack Evidence? The Police Look Like Idiots

I offer my opinion on why the police and the FBI tried to keep the Pelosi Attack Evidence out of the public eye.

With all of the allegations before and now after the release of the Paul Pelosi attack videos and the 911 call, I believe it’s obvious why the local San Fransisco police and the FBI pushed back so hard to keep those videos out of the view of the public.

It wasn’t that Paul Pelosi was a perv, doing drugs, or drunk, it’s because the police dropped the ball so badly over and over.

Alright, I understand it ‘looks’ like Paul Pelosi MIGHT have been drinking, and we know that’s been an issue in the recent past. I don’t care. It’s a free country and what that grown man does inside his own home is his business. That wasn’t why the police tried so desperately to suppress the videos.

The 911 Call

Listen to this airhead… I mean 911 dispatcher. It couldn’t be more obvious that Paul Pelosi was asking for help, yet it seemingly flew right over the dispatcher’s head.

I think Paul Pelosi should get a lot of credit for holding his stuff together after a psycho weirdo just broke into his house holding a hammer, and now he’s been caught sneaking into the bathroom to call the police. He held together better than most.

First off, does the 911 dispatcher understand who Paul Pelosi is? If not, why? If the third in line to the President of the United States (Nancy Pelosi) lives in the community you police, you’d think everyone would be well aware.

Paul Pelosi: My name is Paul Pelosi.



Paul Pelosi: He thinks everything’s good. I’ve got a problem but he thinks everything’s good.

911: OK, call us back if you change your mind.

Paul Pelosi: No no, this gentleman just came into the house, and wants to wait here for my wife to come home. And so, anyway, he told me to put the phone down.

911: Do you know who the person is?

Paul Pelosi: No I don’t know who he is. He uh … uh he has (unclear) ... he’s telling me … he’s telling me not to uh … he’s telling me not to do anything.

Seriously? Pelosi says, “I’ve got a problem but he thinks everything’s good” and the 911 dispatcher’s reply is “OK, call us back if you change your mind.”? That’s amazing!

Sometimes Things Aren’t As They Appear

I don’t want to trash some officer doing a difficult job in an even more difficult situation so let me toss out a what if.

What If the dispatcher understood that Paul Palosi was discreatly asking for help and she was playing along with the sinario to keep from esculating the situation? I can see that as a possibility.

It’s my opinion, and that’s all I ever offer here, it that the San Fransico policy looks so inconfident that they fought to keep from being exposed as idiots to the entire world.

Unanswered Questions

  • Why isn’t there a permanent federal security detail, 24/7, guarding that home and the Speaker of the House’s family?
  • Why didn’t the 911 dispatcher seem to know who Paul Pelosi was and where he lived?
  • Why didn’t the police come in hard and fast considering who Palosi is?
  • When the police seen the hammer, why wasn’t their first response to take him down? Not order him to drop the hammer.
  • Who opened that door? I played the video over and over and I can’t tell who opened the front door.

I may add more opinions as they brew.

See ya, Brian

9/11 Call Credit: Mercury News
You can see the complete 911 call of the Palosi attack here.

The hammer has dropped.
I repeat, The hammer has dropped.

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