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Why The United States Blew Russia’s Nord Stream Pipelines. Do We Want To Admit To This Act Of War?

More opinionated commentary and thought crime about news reports and happenings that you’re interested in. This time: Why The United States Blew Russia’s Nord Stream Pipelines. We’ll look at the ‘why,’ and I’ll point you to the detailed account of ‘how’ the United States probably blew Russia’s Nord Stream Pipelines. I’ll ask the question, “Do we want to admit to this act of war against Russia?” Finally, can we win a war with Russia should they consider this state-sponsored sabotage an act of war?

Note: While my opinion piece is based on a single report, referencing only one source, I believe the journalist is credible. Regrettably, the circumstances and motive point to us as well. I love the United States and DO NOT want the accusation to be true, but if our past actions are any indication, it’s not looking good. I consider myself a realist, and with lie after lie, our government has not earned a single gram of trust from us. Ditto for the press and social media’s cancel culture.

Why Would The United States Destroy The Nord Stream Pipeline?

“If Russia invades, that means tanks or troops crossing the … border of Ukraine again, then there will be … no longer a Nord Stream 2. We, we will bring an end to it,” … “I promise you we will be able to do it.”
U.S. President Joe Biden Feb 7, 2022

Let me take you back to last fall, deep into Eastern Europe’s (And America’s) economic struggle caused by the Biden Regime’s assistance in continuing America’s role as ‘Planet Police’ as she displays her mighty dominance everywhere outside her borders while falling apart at our own borders and within.

The elimination of the Nord Stream Pipelines crippled Russian gas exports. It forced the European Union to scramble for alternative energy sources, causing increased costs, and it put a tremendous strain on European businesses and families.

War Is Peace
Freedom Is Slavery
Ignorance Is Strength

The cost to citizens is simply collateral damage to Biden and Big Brother. Inconsequential to the goals of continued global dominance by both sides (divide and conquer) of the aisle.

Motive – Why Would The US Blow The Nord Stream Pipelines?

So let’s look at motive. Why would our government want to hurt ally countries’ economies and the people already impacted by the decisions of Big Brother?

As I mentioned – collateral damage. Think like a Biden. He waged a proxy war with Russia, using the Ukraine invasion as justification. He needs NATO and western support.

If you’re thinking like a power-hungry world dictator, the fear is that Eastern Europe will give into its dependence on Russian gas to keep their countries going and its people warm. They might back out of the deal and refuse to participate in the dangerous chess match.

If you’re a Biden, removing that source of motivation is the best way to eliminate that risk. Kill that dependence – if they like it or not.

The destruction of the Nord Stream pipeline was popular and promoted.

Now, with secret planning, without the people’s knowledge or the consent of Congress, Biden looks like a studdering savior while carving out a page in the history books as holding back the Russians. Well, until secrecy falls apart like a handful of butt-wipe in water.

How The United States And Norway Blew Russia’s Nord Stream Pipelines

After a solid year of reporting incompetent and blatantly biased fake news by the mainstream press about the Nord Stream pipeline, long-time investigative journalist Seymour Hersh published his bombshell investigative piece, How America Took Out The Nord Stream Pipeline.

Do We Want To Admit To An Act Of War Against Russia?

Even though the beans are spilled, will Biden admit to his crimes? Will he admit he gave the order and blew Russia’s Nord Stream pipelines? Unlikely.

The enemy of the moment always represented absolute evil, and it followed that any past or future agreement with him was impossible.

George Orwell – Nineteen Eighty-Four (Aff)

Do we even want him to? Do we want official government inquiries to prove we played a leading role in blowing this major asset?

Russia said it considers the incident “an act of international terrorism” which could bring “consequences” for the US.

Zahra Tayeb – Yahoo News – February 16, 2023

These are questions many people in power have to be asking. The consequences would be devastating. We would likely end up at war with Russia. Not a proxy war, a real, Americans-die war. It seems as if that’s exactly what Biden wants.

The White House disputed the story soon after Hersh posted it on Wednesday, calling it “utterly false.” Russia, however, has called on the U.S. to give a more detailed explanation.

Jon Jackson – Newsweek

Can We Win A War With Russia?

The short answer is yes, we can win a conventional war with Russia. I believe this even with our poor displays in the Middle East. The cost to life, world relations, and our economy would be devastating.

After seeing the lack of military preparedness in Russia’s Ukrainian invasion, we’d likely smack them around like they were girl scouts at an Iron Maiden concert.

The long answer isn’t quite so clear-cut. Will China become involved? How much abuse would Russia endure before it played its only trump card – nuclear attack?

If the result ends with a nuclear outcome, perhaps Biden’s crimes become too much of a price for the world to pay. Maybe the secrets need to stay speculation and conspiracy theory. Unfortunately, that seems more and more unlikely with each week passing. At least they have the state-sponsored media on their side. So, who knows. We could see it buried like Fauci’s crimes.

Uncle Joe Has To Go

Either way, Uncle Joe and his puppet masters have to go. How much damage to this country can we take? At the very least, these election circuses will continue to worsen for a very long time. God save us all. In the meantime, prepare yourself and worry about what you can control – your self-reliance.

See ya, Brian

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The resistance is weak.
I repeat, the resistance is weak.

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