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To Widdle Is NOT TO Whittle – Public Service Message

Last updated on September 5, 2022

Hello, Every now and again, I like to convey important and meaningful lessons to the fourteen people bored enough to read this babble I post on my personal blog, and today I have a doozy.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, because there are still only two genders 😱, today I had a life-altering (not to be confused with sex altering), lesson on verbiage.

To Widdle Is NOT TO Whittle

While trying to be clever and interesting on my survival blog (Next Step Survival), I needed to refer to that old adage of sitting on the front porch with Grand-dad with our first pocketknife, that old trusty Barlow, cutting away slices of a stick.

Yes, that lesson of relaxation many of us were taught and quickly forgot while living life, of relaxing and just enjoying the moment – called – Da,da,daaaa…


Part of this particular article I refer,

I do expect this to be a little longer than a usual article, there’s a lot to cover, and I feel it’s too important to widdle down in the editing room.

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

I essentially said, and spell check allowed, is “I feel it’s too important to piss down in the editing room.”

Brits are so funny, the way they talk. Hey, remember when they were tough and brave and ruled the world? Hey, remember when America was brave and tough and ruled the world. Oh well, at least we still have blogging.

Anyway, the correct spelling is obviously ‘Whittle’, not ‘Whiddle’.

We cut, not pee.

The Most Important Question Of All

The biggest lesson here can be obtained by asking one important question. Not “Why did I waste the three minutes on this post I will never get back?” but…

Why did I atually enjoy it?

That’s the real question.


Image - Don't Widdle On Your Work
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