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Woke Educated Idiots Are Teaching Our Children And It Is Ruining This Country

Last updated on September 18, 2022

This opinion post, “Educated Idiots Are Teaching Our Children”, was spurred from my unfortunate exposure to a crybaby opinion piece[1] by a couple of law professors at Harvard and Yale published by the New York Times. More on that attack on our Constitution very soon.

Your Kids Are Being Weaponized To Transform This Country To More Resemble Communist Canada

Get Them Away From The Public Indoctrination Schools Operated By The Department Of Idiots

No, this isn’t an attack on your children, it’s an attack on the educated idiots who are teaching our children. Freedom-hating people that want to weaponize your kids to transform this country into something akin to Australia or, God forbid, Communist Trudeau Canada.

Heil Trudeau! Long Live The Trudeau. (excuse me while I vomit) 🤮

Does that sound a little dramatic?
I don’t believe so.

We Live In Scary Times

With all of the Country’s issues we face as a people these days, I believe the scariest is the indoctrination of our children into the progressive far-left socialist agenda by our leadership, educators, and the mass media.

Years ago, when I first noticed this trend, where many people seemed to be losing their belief in Freedom and Liberty, it almost seemed like a conspiracy theory. I say ‘almost seemed’ because even back then I knew we were in trouble.

What Happened To Our Schools?

You want to hear something funny. On the very day, the NYT opinion piece I just mentioned was published, I was traveling out of state with my wife to celebrate our 39th anniversary. Thank you, she’s a wonderful person.

During that drive, one of our discussions turned to education. No, not the political, intrusive, and radical side of our educational system but of how proud we are of our children and grandchildren.

Anyway, somewhere in that conversation I made a statement like, “Some of the dumbest people I know are college graduates.” That’s something I’ve been saying for a couple of decades because that is the truth. That’s not to say college made you an idiot, not at all. The problem is that it doesn’t take much more than an idiot to gain a college education.

The worst of the college-educated idiots don’t know they are idiots. Unfortunately, everyone else does and many of those educated idiots end up in the bleeding heart educational system where they can be accepted, and even celebrated, by their idiot peers.

Those woke educated idiots are teaching our children.

Now it seems they are making a successful life passing the idiocy and woke 💩 on to our children. Some make it into congress or even the president. Some are judges and prosecutors. Many leached into the educational process and made it to elite colleges where they are called professors and doctors.

“An idiot is an idiot, regardless of the titles prefixing their names.”

— Brian D. Hawkins – That’s Me, You Know I Said That.

They no longer prioritize teaching our children things like math, science, history, social studies, and truth. They teach things like pronouns, there’s no such thing as wrong, no one loses, and that acceptance is more important than truth and justice.

Our shop classes and home economics were replaced by gender-affirming care and “wokeness.” History is being altered and books are banned from libraries[2] because they might offend someone.

Kids are taught extreme progressive language such as, “implicit bias”, “microaggressions” and “white rage & white fragility.” Excepted curriculum may include “critical race theory” or “critical pedagogy.”

So critical pedagogy is a philosophy of education that views teaching as a political act. This of course includes challenging students to examine the power structures and status quo of their surroundings.


Kids are taught that feelings and emotions are more important than facts. They’re taught that facts can be changed to protect people and eliminate bad feelings.

Kids can even defy biology and just decide their gender, or even whether or not they are human. Maybe they identify as a shrub — it’s entirely okay, you can be anyone or anything you want. Science, religion, facts? None of that matters.

Remember Ebonics? Yeah, that had nothing on this 💩show. Although it was probably a warning sign we shouldn’t have ignored way back in the ’70s. We went from “I aint doin’ nuthin’ fo’dat ho.” to, “My name is Tommy, I’m six years old and I identify as Tammy but feel a little trans today.”

That’s good Tommy, I mean Tammy, maybe in a few years you can compete on a woman’s swim team and dominate the small framed weaklings that accepted their God-given genders. That will serve them right, they’ll get what they deserve.

We should have put our foot down years ago when the schools insisted there should be no winners because that makes poor little boys and girls feel like losers.

We can’t have that.

Everyone gets a medal and everyone wins. We won’t even keep score, those are so unfair. We’re sure corporate America will agree when it comes time for you to enter the workforce. You’ll do just fine.

Sure, I’m old-school and I remember the mantra, “Education starts at home” and I agree with that premise. Or at least I would if the rotten education system hadn’t already gotten ahold of those children’s parents.

A Few Examples Of Schools Keeping Gender Transitions From Parents

Wisconsin – Back in March, the Daily Wire uncovered that a Wisconsin school district encouraged students to hide their gender transitions from their parents[3]. We’ve already seen this in Washington State and North Carolina.

❝The Eau Claire Area School District in western Wisconsin held a training session for their staff in February, and a slide from a presentation during that training told teachers that ‘parents are not entitled to know their kids’ identities.’❞

Zach Jewell • DAILYWIRE.COM MAR 21, 2022 [LINK]

Michigan – More recently, on June 10, 2022, Fox News reported on a Fraser, Michigan middle school telling teachers not to inform a parent of a student’s changing gender identity[4], citing Title IX protections to gender identity.

Maryland – On July 30, 2022, The Washington Stand reported that Maryland’s Montgomery Country Public Schools will prohibit school staff from disclosing students’ transgender identities to their parents[5], beginning in the school year 2021-2022.

Florida – I’m afraid it gets even worse in Florida, where ZeroHedge reported that Broward County Public Schools has been accused by a parents advocacy group of not only hiding student requests for transition but instructing staff to promote transgenderism to children![6] These so-called educators are actually encouraging and promoting transgenderism to minor students.

See full article & video here: Cardona refuses to say if schools should tell parents about gender transitions

Pennsylvania – In early May this year Fox News uncovered Pennsylvania school district staff emails from the school attempting to hide their use of a middle schooler’s preferred pronouns from the student’s parents and encouraging the creation of an LGBTQ-related club at the middle school.[7]

New Jersey – The New Jersey Education Association (NJEA) is labeling concerned parents as “extremists” and painting families as political opponents who must be stopped. Audio clip below.

NJ Teachers’ Union Ad That Calls Parents Extremists – Clip 1
NJ Teachers’ Union Ad Clip 2

California – The CEO of a charter that operates 23 charter public schools in California says ‘social justice’ is crucial to the future of education[8].

There are more examples but, honestly, I can’t stomach much more right now. Writing this piece, and the research involved is actually making me sick to my stomach.

The United States Is Sliding Into Collectivism At An Alarming Rate

We’re experiencing a societal shift that’s moving dangerously fast toward a socialistic and fascist foothold that nothing short of a complete collapse will break — i.e. collectivism of society and destroying individual freedom.

This societal shift isn’t happening organically. It’s moving far too quickly for that. No, it’s agenda driven by twisted extremists hell-bent on molding the entire planet to fit their ideologies. I don’t want to take this article down The Great Reset rabbit hole today, or this will become a 10,000-word essay.

I think it’s suffice for now to understand that something is seriously wrong with the direction we’re headed as a society and that our children are the targets.

Terminator MEME by
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Similar to why the Terminator had to return to the present to prevent the future, the children must be programmed and indoctrinated into whatever the future holds.

It’s different man, but the same, you know?

Sorry Folks, It’s Break Time

This article will continue following the mandatory 3-minute union break. I apologize for any inconvenience but whenever a topic becomes this heavy, The Mighty Mix Media Union requires an upbeat and funny break to occur.

Now, Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming ツ

Woke Educated Idiots Are Teaching Our Children But It’s Not Too Late To Get Your Children Back

Remember the message? “The future is not set. There is no fate but what we make for ourselves.”

— Kyle Reese – Terminator 2: Judgment Day, [script]

You know what they say about opinions, so the very least I can do is add a couple of possible solutions. That is if you agree with me that the cesspool of our public education system is a lost cause and just needs to be flushed forever.

Educated Idiots Are Teaching Our Children

Get Your Children Out Of Public School

For the love of God, if you want your children to be free-thinking, productive adults, don’t allow the State to ‘educate‘ them. You know that is the worst thing you can do at this point, as parents, for their education.

If you love this Country, or whatever country you are in, get them out of the public indoctrination schools operated by the Department of Idiots.

Nearly 1.3 million students have left public schools since the pandemic began. Most states have seen enrollment declines for two straight years. In New York City, K-12 enrollment has dropped by an astounding 9%.

Michael R. Bloomberg
June 2, 2022 [Link}

Consider Home-Schooling Your Children

Since the real education we all gained from the COVID-19 disaster, homeschooling is way up. School enrollment is way down[7]. Much of that, I think, is from parents actually, for the first time, seeing how woke educated idiots are teaching our children to ignore facts and science in the name of wokeness.

But Brian, there are a lot of great…

Shut Up! We’re talking about your children and our country. Stop worrying about offending someone. Please and thank you.

You’re smart enough to home-school your children.

You are probably smart enough to home-school your kids if you’ve read up to this point. If I haven’t made you dumber for having read it, that is.

Honestly, when we were raising our children in the ’80s & ’90s, I felt I couldn’t deliver a decent education because I wasn’t smart enough.

→ I don’t know that math.
→ I didn’t pay attention in school.
→ I was a bad student.

That is all a copout!

It was a copout back then and it still is today. Especially with the resources available now.

You can find the time to teach. It’s your job as a parent.

You probably have time to home-school your child or children. Just because the public school system takes up an entire day, five days a week to teach the distorted and twisted garbage they’re injecting into the minds of kids, it’s not that big of a time commitment and well worth the small investment. As always, in my opinion.

Find a better babysitter.

I can’t stress this enough, and as a working parent and grandparent I completely understand, please stop sacrificing your children’s mental health and future for a convenient babysitter. I’m not judging here, just stressing the importance.

Consider Putting Your Children Into A Private, Christian, Religious, Or Charter School

If you can afford it, do some deep research and you may be able to find a decent private or religious school for your kids.

Look for community and/or Church tuition assistance. This is out of my wheelhouse but I bet there are options on the table for someone willing to search for them.

Wrapping Up, “Educated Idiots Are Teaching Our Children”

Look, we know it’s been going on for decades now, generations. The nonsense was going on back when I was going to school in the seventies and eighties. It has accelerated now. Can you tell? Can you feel it?

You know me, I’ve never been one to throw stones or criticize anyone 😮 but we have to face facts and we are running out of time.

The lunatics are truly running the asylum now and they think they’re normal.

They want you and your children to be normal too.

I’d love your response below in the comment section.

See ya, Brian

Turn up the sheets by midnight. I repeat, turn up the sheets by midnight.

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Your Children Are Killing This Country

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The podcast / Read This Article feature for Educated Idiots Are Teaching Our Children is brought to you by the Survival Dork and is dedicated to the poor little monkeys being blamed for the monkeypox spread by the queers, [cough] I mean men that have sex with men, and potentially monkeys. Just sayin’

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One Comment

  1. Stevey H Stevey H

    I believe as usual that the truth actually lies somewhere in the middle. Yes there are woke teachers and professors and our education system needs to be reformed and always has. My biggest issue with our education system is it is funded off property taxes. So if you live in a really uppity area, more than likely the schools are going to be great versus a place like Detroit which is notorious for having horrible schools. Our education system is racist because it is tied into property taxes and it largely benefits middle class white people. I am not saying that it is racist because people are actively trying to directly oppress blacks and people of color. It is racist because of things like the white flight movement, redlining, and jim crow era policies that were enacted decades ago.

    Unfortunately, that past still haunts us today because of generational poverty. If you are born into a specific socio-economic class, you are more than likely going to die in that class. It is not that you can’t get out of it, it is just extremely difficult the lower on the totem pole you are. Many black people live in poverty and this can easily be seen in majority black communities like Detroit for example. Maybe the intention is no longer about being racist but the end result ends up perpetuating a racist system that prevents opportunity to black kids. Education is often considered to be the key to getting out of poverty, well how the hell can you get out of poverty if you go to shit schools because you live in poverty lol? It really makes it difficult.

    Finally, I am not gonna say there isn’t some truth to your indoctrination theory on teachers and professors because there certainly is. However, my own personal college experience was very different than my K-12. K-12 was shit, our teachers never encouraged any sort of critical thinking. Actually, critical thinking would get you kicked out of school or put in detention because you were showing disrespect to your teacher by trying to correct them or challenge the status quo. My college experience taught me how to critically think. In theory, college is always supposed to make you a better critical thinker and well rounded individual. I was a liberal arts major, my bachelor’s degree is in Sociology. About 90% of every class I was in was predominately far left liberal. The main reason I noticed even back to my introductory courses as a Freshman is that liberal arts fields often attract liberals. Same can be said about a field like Criminal Justice. That field often attracts conservatives because of the “law & order” aspect. Then because of the way college is, there are cliques, there is peer pressure, herd mentality, and the whole “go with the flow” crap.

    That is before your professor even speaks on your first day of class which is usually nothing more than handing out the syllabus and telling you to “get the fuck out” of his class (or at least that is what mine said lol). Going to college made me more politically educated when it came to seeing just how awful both sides really are. They are both very evil and the only thing that separates them is simply agendas to keep their stupid seats. They do not give a rat’s ass about anyone but themselves and they would throw anyone under the bus and laugh as you got crushed under it’s tires. I learned in my Poli Sci courses that both parties are like gangs and if you are not in the gang and you do not go along with the gang, you will end up dead, at least politically and career wise. That is why you do not see a lot of “Rogue” politicians and when they do split with their party, they are often very calculated situations and they don’t happen very often. The fact any moron would spend tens of millions of dollars to get a stupid job that would pay them less than $200k a year should be enough of any indication that these people are evil. I don’t know too many people who are insane enough to spend way more to get a job that pays far less. You got to be crooked or there has to be some sort of shady thing going on.

    Finally, when it comes to homeschooling, I am all about it if you can do it. Not everyone can and that is where public education comes in. You cannot mandate kids go to school if you are going to make parents pay out the ass to send their kids to school. That being said, if you can home school your kid, you should. Bullying is a massive problem and it is not like when I or you were growing up. It is far more complicated now thanks to technology and time space compression due to that technology. You got children committing suicide all the time over bullying and you got kids blowing up schools. It has gotten so bad now that they are talking about turning schools into literal fortress like prisons. You cannot protect your children when you send them to the school and the administrators and teachers are inadequately equipped (and sometimes just do not give a shit) if your kid comes home alive. Studies also show children who are home schooled are often far more successful, graduate earlier, and go to good college or get better jobs. I think the indoctrination theory you present has always been true to some degree, but it is not a complete truth and it is exaggerated thanks to the media and politicians. For every bad teacher or professor out there you got many more who are doing everything they can to be the best teacher or professor they can be. It is like the cop thing. For every bad cop you got a good cop. So just because one cop kills an unarmed black man doesn’t mean all cops are bad and all it means is that it needs to be reformed and people need to get involved to make it better.

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