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Why Are The Woke Freaks Not Called Out As Extremists?

Last updated on August 14, 2022

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Gender & Pronoun Extremists Now Control The Narrative

Woke Freaks Shall Destroy The Truth, Science, & Facts

My mother used to say,Brian David, you don’t know when to shut your damn mouth!”

Fear the woke freaks. How do you identify? Sexually? Never mind, I don’t really care. You’re a girl or a boy, a chick or a dude, a man or a woman. Biologically speaking. Period – full stop – nothing more.

Settle down my little pronoun-spewing woke freaks,
Daddy’s gotta give you the talk.
Now hold still, this won’t hurt a bit.

Females And Males – The Science – The Facts

Biological men have an X and a Y chromosome. Biological women have two X chromosomes. The Y chromosome has the “male-determining gene,” the SRY gene. This is believed to have evolved roughly 200-300 million years ago1.

The X and Y chromosomes, also known as the sex chromosomes, determine the biological sex of an individual: females inherit an X chromosome from the father for a XX genotype, while males inherit a Y chromosome from the father for a XY genotype (mothers only pass on X chromosomes). The presence or absence of the Y chromosome is critical because it contains the genes necessary to override the biological default – female development – and cause the development of the male reproductive system.


Sure, but very rare.

If there is a mutation in the SRY gene, the embryo will develop female genitalia despite having XY chromosomes2.

Hermaphroditism is the condition of having both male and female reproductive organs. – In humans, conditions that involve discrepancies between external genitalia and internal reproductive organs are described by the term intersex. Intersex conditions are sometimes also referred to as disorders of sexual development (DSDs). Such conditions are extremely rare in humans. In ovotesticular disorder (sometimes also called true hermaphroditism), an individual has both ovarian and testicular tissue3.

Okay, so other than the rare sexual development disorder, we have males and females.

It’s not complicated, really. It’s as simple as up and down, cold and hot, and black and white.

end/ Biology Lesson

Ok kids, the biology lesson is over. Now let’s get to the non-biological – non-science rhetoric that seems hell-bent on redefining facts and twisting science to conform to thoughts and feelings.

And why not? Fauci has already twisted science into a political weapon, we may as well let the freaks take it even further.

Gender Identity

When my parents were kids, gay meant happy and a fag was a cigarette. As I was growing up, those words took on different definitions. We know what those terms are and I have no problem with any of it. New words appear and definitions change with each generation.

Even woke is a new term, the way presented in ‘Woke Freaks’ anyway.

Gay was queer and lesbian and bi and whatever. Again, who cares? I couldn’t care less how anyone else describes themself or does with themself, as long as it doesn’t hurt others. Why would I? If they’re good with it, I’m good with it.

Want to get married to another dude or chick and raise a family, have at it. If you can be good parents, you have my blessing – not that you need or want it. I know, I just lost a bunch of the man + woman = marriage crowd but I can have my own opinions too.

Now, that’s the key word, isn’t it? Opinions! People, many of them extremely religious, fear the delusion of marriage and they resist the idea of same-sex marriage. I completely understand that. Personally, my belief in individual freedom far outweighs my opinion on political issues.

Let me say that again…

My belief in individual freedom far outweighs my opinion on political issues.

Brian D. Hawkins

Notice that these homosexual ideas, while perhaps challenging opinion and traditional norms, they are no threat to science or reality. A gay guy or girl that likes, wants, or loves another of the same sex doesn’t insist everyone put aside facts and say they are a different sex all of a sudden.

Maybe the guy likes wearing girl clothes, wigs, and role-playing, I couldn’t care less. As long as that person doesn’t expect society to twist science and facts to make themself ‘feel’ better.

Woke Freaks & Gender Pronouns

I joke around a lot and tell people I identify as a blogger, a prepper, or a law-abiding citizen. If you identify as a doorknob, that’s your issue – don’t try to make it mine.

If you’re a biological woman but identify as something other than a female and use a weird pronoun, go for it. Does that mean you’re a woke freak? Depends. Do you identify as a woke freak? 😄

Don’t expect me to participate or support it, however. If you’re offended I called you “Miss” because you identify as something else, get over yourself. Better yet, don’t talk to me at all. Don’t ask me to enter your world of freakdom.

On the other hand, call yourself anything you choose. It’s none of my business or concern. I wouldn’t dream of telling you how to address yourself.

Is Gender Identity And Gender Pronouns Normal?

As a guy in my late fifties, I’ll admit it’s a little harder for me to understand what is ‘normal’ these days. My son, now grown with his own family, had a dyed mohawk and spikes in high school. He wanted to be different, I guess. So did every one of his friends it seemed. They wanted to be so different they all were, well, the same.

Again, I didn’t care as long as he was healthy, happy, and not hurting anyone. The rest would work itself out. I was sure of it.

Is it normal? Not really but I guess so. It doesn’t ‘feel‘ normal to me but my feelings don’t count any more than anyone else’s.

It’s definitely not natural – as in male and female make babies natural. As a society, we have overcome that natural need for reproduction though, haven’t we? To a point, anyway. In other words, parents of the same sex can be productive members of our community. Or at least they should be allowed if they so choose – in my opinion.

That doesn’t mean Fred and Sally across the street have to like, or even accept, Tim and Gary and their adopted children. As long as Fred and Sally aren’t being physically threatened, legitimately, by another, they are free to feel any way they want and leave Tim and Gary alone.

I don’t care for gun control advocates but I’m not going to get in their faces and try to ruin anyone’s day because of it. We’re all free to have our own thoughts, beliefs, and feelings.

Things Are Getting Complicated

We moved from lesbian, gay, bi, and trans, (LGBT) to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, 2-Spirit, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Asexual, Pansexual, and probably others I don’t know about yet. Remember, what I said earlier in this article?

New words appear and definitions change with each generation.

Up to this point, I’ve been talking about and supporting personal freedom. Our freedom and the Constitution that protects those God-given (Or natural if you prefer) rights are the most important issue for me.

The Elimination of Societal Oppression
Beyond politics and economics, there are still vast inequalities and dominating power relations that affect our world. Systems and cultures of white supremacy, religious prejudice, patriarchy, heterosexism, xenophobia, and many other forms of oppression still dominate our world. The destruction of these institutions, systems and oppressive elements of cultures is central to the anarchist vision.4″

(Giovanni – Who are the anarchists and what is anarchism?)

Who Let The Woke Freaks Out?

It’s not until some woke freak wants to cut off a child’s ability to develop naturally, or insists a man can have a baby that I jump ship and need to stand up for what’s right.

We’ve clearly left the world of ‘normal’ here. The woke freaks are trying hard, and seem to be winning, to change that norm.

Somehow, people that probably needed therapy at some point, have been coddled and tolerated to the point where the freaks are about to upend normalcy and ruin society.

Look, we have schools telling prepubescent (pre-puberty) children it’s ok to not only to have sex with the same gender but to BE a different gender altogether. Some are even encouraging it. We have kids that are ashamed to like a member of the opposite sex.

The freaks want more freaks and where better to build a new supply of freaks than our public elementary schools? The liberals have been grooming future liberals and socialists in public schools for decades so we know it works.

Why Are The Freaks Not Called Out As Extremists?

The media is quick to label a Trump supporter, a patriot, or someone that openly supports the United States Constitution an extremist but they can’t seem to say people that insist on separate bathrooms or that their state driver’s license identifies them as whatever flavor of freak hood they want that day are extremists.

Nope, you can be charged in certain places for hurting their precious feelings. How dare we state facts and follow the science. Since when did facts play a role in society?

There’s a danger in humoring the woke freaks and we’re witnessing that today.

What I Mean By Woke Freaks

I feel if I don’t clarify this now, I’ll just end up doing it later.

Woke does NOT mean queer, trans, black, white, gay, or liberal. Being gay, trans, bi, or the color of your skin or the heritage you embrace does not make you woke or a freak.

Being woke was supposed to declare your awareness of social inequalities.

It has transformed, in the same sense I’m using today, from awareness of inequality to ‘in your face, down your throat‘ activism to the point of canceling traditional family values and altering reality into a twisted and perverted cult of social justice, radically progressive and socialist agendas.

That’s Right, I Said It,
Brian D. Hawkins

The Latest Example Of Woke Extremism In The News

If this doesn’t scare you, I have no idea how to get through. This is a Woke Berkeley law professor teaching this nonsense in a very prestigious school, UC Berkeley School of Law, and not only getting away with it but she’s also being recognized as an authority on the issue.

Senator Josh Hawley and Berkeley law professor Khiara Bridges discuss trans and reproductive rights during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing.

“Many women, cis women, have the capacity for pregnancy, many cis women do not have the capacity for pregnancy”

“There are also trans men who are capable of pregnancy, as well as non-binary people who are capable of pregnancy.”

Professor Khiara Bridges

This is just one example of many. The idea that someone can be called transphobic or accused of promoting violence for simply asking a question on woke terminology is ridiculous.

The idea to say some men can get pregnant because to deny the lie could trigger potentially suicidal transgendered men is a violation of common sense. Never mind the First Amendment.

Suicide is a serious issue and isn’t the answer. Your gender, pronoun, or what any of us think is not worth losing your life over. If you feel suicidal, transgendered, or not, please reach out for help by calling 9-8-8 here in the United States, 24/7, or by contacting the equivalent in your country.

988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline

There’s a new way for people with a mental health crisis to reach out for help from the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline in the United States. Simply dial or text the numbers 9-8-8. If you’re feeling the least bit suicidal, please reach out and seek help. Your life matters, even to a loud-mouth, know-it-all blogger.

It’s been fun, Hawkins Out.

The Freaks Shall Destroy Truth, Science, & Facts
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The Freaks Shall Destroy Truth, Science, & Facts

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Thank you No Agenda Show for the Sen. Josh Hawley Hawley with Professor Khiara Bridges audio clip.

Featured image credits: Image by Alexandra_Koch from Pixabay and CleanPNG.

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